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Back To School Niche

If you want to start making money online, you should consider the Back To School niche. Back to school is the period in which parents and their children who are students buy accessories, apparel and various school supplies for the upcoming school year. There is a huge demand for back to school items when school supplies, young adults' and children's clothing goes on sale. Thus, a blog dedicated to providing tips in this niche can easily make a lot of money.



No Technical Knowledge Needed

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No need to struggle with database files

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Why This PLR Niche Blog Stands Out

Make Money From Niche Marketing

You can easily make money online with this niche blog because it is focused on a niche with less competition for the viable customers purchasing the products.

With niche marketing, you can easily build brand loyalty because the blog is focused on providing potential customers with tips, products and services they need and desire.

Increased visibility is very easy with niche marketing, and this is why this PLR nicle blog is focused on one of the niches that not only leads to more customers but can also improve your online presence.

Businesses that serve a niche market tend to be unique, and that is what a niche blog helps you to achieve, making you to stand out with a unique product or service.

This PLR niche blog will help you to get in front of the right people with a unique need, which is more important than getting in front of a lot of people with different needs.

PLR Niche Blog With Right Features

The focus of this PLR niche blog is to help you to make money online as you meet the information needs of your target market.

The blog comes with many features, and many of those features make it unnecessary for you to have any special skill to manage the blog.

With your membership of an affiliate program or your own business, making money is easy with this blog.

See below for all the cool features


PLR Blog Niche Features

  • Free Installation

    Get in touch if you need help with installation, we are available to install the PLR niche blog for you FREE OF CHARGE.

  • Cras justo odio dapibus

    Sed posuere consectetur est at lobortis. Morbi leo risus, porta ac consectetur ac, vestibulum at eros. Cras justo odio.

  • All Questions Answered

    We have a dedicated YouTube channel with tutorial videos on various topics, including installation and changing affiliate links.

  • Auto-updated WordPress Version

    The niche blog has a built-in system that automatically updates the WordPress version to the latest one. No need to do it manually

  • Upload Your Own Logo

    The blog makes it possible for you to create a unique identity by uploading your own logo. Make your blog stand out

  • Auto-updated Plugins

    The niche blog has a built-in system that automatically updates all installed plugins to the latest version. No need to do it manually

  • Change Blog Colors

    The blog comes with default colors which you can change as you wish in the Appearance > Customize section of the admin panel.

  • Change Favicon Icon

    The blog comes with a default favicon which you can change as you wish in the Appearance > Customize section of the admin panel..

  • Change Sidebar Position

    If you are interested in a single column, double-column sidebar or even a blog without sidebar, this can be done in the admin panel

  • Fast-loading Premium Theme

    The blog works with a premium theme which loads very fast. Visitors don’t need to wait for ages for every page to load

  • 100% Newbie Friendly

    The blog can be used by both giants and newbies. If you are new to making money online, you will find this blog easy to work with

  • WooCommerce Ready

    If you want to sell physical or digital goods online, the blog is WooCommerce-ready to help you achieve your goals.

  • Multiple Income Streams

    The multiple income stream feature makes it possible to make money from Amazon, ClickBank, AdSense, and any affiliate program.

  • Add More Features

    With the easy-to-use admin panel, you can add more to the features of the blog; for example more spaces to add Ad code.

  • 125 x 125 Block Banner Ads

    You can add four 125 x 125 block banner ads to the sidebar, and place the block anywhere. A great way to sell Ad spaces

  • Pre-installed Plugins

    The blog comes with useful plugins needed for the blog to give you the experience you need, including making money online.

  • Visitors' Comments

    If you want to receive comments from your visitors, you can activate it through the admin panel. You can also manage spam

  • Change Fonts

    The blog theme has a feature that enable you to change the font type and font size through a user interface. No coding needed.

  • Change The Homepage

    If you don’t like the look of the default homepage, you can change it. The blocks can be positioned the way you like

  • 10 Pre-published Articles

    The PLR niche blog comes with 10 pre-published articles. You are free to edit any of them through the admin panel

  • Add Your Own Articles

    You can edit the pre-published 10 articles and/or add an unlimited number of articles to the blog using the admin panel.

  • Change Width

    Adjust the width of the blog if the default width does not meet your needs. This even though blogs now adjust based in screen resolution

  • Background Image

    You can change the default background by uploading an image. Another good way to make your blog stand out

  • Sidebar Video

    The sidebar accepts embed code to place niche-related video in the sidebar of the blog. The video size is 300 x 250 or 336 x 280

  • Backup

    The blog comes with the BackupBuddy plugin through which you can always backup your blog to the cloud.

  • Replace Affiliate Links

    The blog comes with a user-friendly interface for replacing all default affiliate links and banners. You don’t need to edit any files to do this.

  • SEO Plugin

    You can skyrocket your traffic because the blog comes with all SEO features, thanks to the installed All In One SEO Plugin

  • Auto-build Sitemap

    The sitemap builds automatically. No need to do this manually. This saves a lot of time, and Google uses sitemap to index the blog

  • Responsive Premium Theme

    The niche blog is installed with a responsive theme, which means it loads perfectly on any device, be it PC, iPad or mobile device.

  • Social Media Features

    The blog has a feature that enables visitors to share your posts in the social media, which is a good way to increase web traffic

  • Contact Form

    Receive mails from your blog visitors in case they have questions related to your niche. The contact form supports spam-filtering

  • Content Copying Not Allowed

    The blog disables content copying. You don’t need to be worried that someone could steal your content and put it on his own website.

  • Hide Login URL

    The blog allows you to determine the login URL instead of wp-admin. This helps in protection against someone hacking your blog


Bonus #1: 10 eBooks, Videos and Software

Worth $670

Your purchase of this PLR niche blog comes with 10 eBooks, Videos and software tools chosen to help you build your online business profitably! With a combined worth of $670

Knowing how to get started is one of the biggest challenges.

The knowledge of how to get started is important, but starting at an accelerated speed is even more important. That is why the bonus items have been carefully chosen.

Bonus #2: WordPress Autoposter Software

$297 Value

If you need a tool which automatically posts to and blogs, this will help you. You can schedule your posts into anytime in the future, enable or disable comments; enable or disable pings; randomnize posts; set maximum posts per day; and even edit any column in the Operations tab. Another good thing about this tool is that it supports special-character languages such as Chinese, Japanese, German and many others.

Bonus #3: Advanced Bulk Article Creator

$127 Value

Advanced Bulk Article Creator creates a new set of articles from hundreds or even thousands of text files. It can use sentences or paragraphs to do the task within seconds.

Bonus #4: Simple Content Mixer

$67 Value

Simple Content Mixer creates a new article by using sentences or paragraphs of uploaded text files. You can move the sentences/paragraphs the way yu like, and you will have a new article.

Bonus #5: Metadata Scraper

$67 Value

Metadata Scraper is another tool for SEO projects. Would you like to know the keywords of any web page of your competitors? Do you just need the meta data of selected web pages for any online strategy? If so, this metadata scraper tool will help you. After scraping, the results are exported in CSV format.

Bonus #6: Link Creator

$67 Value

Link Creator is another powerful addon which automatically creates links for backlink purposes using imported URLs and keywords. It can use the keywords for every URL or use one keyword for each URL. The choice is yours!

Bonus #7: Link Inserter

$67 Value

Within seconds, Link Inserter helps you to insert links in any part of your article for backlink or indexing purposes. It has an option that allows you to determine the number of links to be inserted in each article, and whether or not you want to use stop words.

Bonus #8: Multiple Keywords Inserter

$67 Value

With Multiple Keywords Inserter, you can cleverly insert keywords in any part of an article, which could randomly, be at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of each article. Another option is to use keyword density in determining the number of keywords to be inserted. This addon is good for promoting a keyword.

Bonus #9: Text Parser

$47 Value

Text Parser is a very useful tool for those creating non-English blogs, especially German. The tool can also be used after creating hundreds or even thousands of articles using the Simple Bulk Article Creator. You can use this tool to change first line to lower or upper case letters,  convert all camel case letters to lower case, and delete text files with sizes less than a specific KB

Bonus #10: Sentence Reorder

$47 Value

Sentence Reorder is the addon which helps you to reorder the sentences of each paragraph of an article, thus creating an article which is seen differently by Google. A good tool for search engine ranking using your own PLR articles.

Bonus #11: Simple Bulk Article Creator

$47 Value

Simple Bulk Article Creator is the addon which works like the Advanced Bulk Article Creator. The only difference is that it does not have options for the minimum and maximum number of words for every new article created. However, it has a more powerful algorithm in the way it choose sentences from the paragraphs.

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